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Dr Gabrielle Fiorentino

Dr. Ga'brie'lle Fiorentino

  • After Life Integration Psychologist, Neurolinguist / Hypnopsychologist® / Professor

  • Optimal Practice Focus:  Death & Dying, Counseling for the NDE and OBE Experiencers

  • Accreditations: PhD, SHp, MpsyD, MscD, NLPc, CCHt, CI

Beyond Life Therapy is located in California in the northern beaches of the state. Just one hour south of Silicone Valley. Dr. Fiorentino is dedicated to providing healing sessions informed by research, exposure and actual experience. Using past life experiences and future life projections to discover and answer a patient/clients query’s in a gentle and compassionate way. Brie has integrated a lifelong interest in psychology, quantum physics, parapsychology, metaphysics, near death experiences, out of Body experiences and spiritually transformative experiences into this practice.

As a young child, her “gifts“ seemed to be exciting and fun. Seeing, talking to and playing with “spirits” was enchanting. Yet traditional Italian Catholic parents continued to explain to her that she was fantasizing and should stop thinking about those things.

Later as a young adult, she had no practical use for any of it. When bringing it up to friends and family, she was always labeled “weird” or “airy-fairy”. Then during a downhill snow skiing race at age 26 she smashed into a tree and DIED. Yes DIED. Ski patrol got to her immediately as it was a state of California so ambulances were on hand during the televised races. Once taken down to the ambulance official paramedics made the pronouncement again, by then it had been 25 minutes. What was happening to Brie while this was transpiring is a near-death experience (NDE). She woke confused as she had been to the “other side”. It truly changed her forever. However trying to have people listen in those days was futile. So like most all Near Death Experiencers she shut down and hid her experience.

She had a 2nd NDE while in surgery for a cesarian birth of her 2nd child. And over the years many OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences).  Finally after a  point she decided there was no more hiding and started and shifted to being a full time traditional therapist and became interested alternative means of healing.  

Her practice now focuses on the integration of people who are facing the possibility of dying soon and wish a “no fear” transition. And those who have experienced an NDE or an OBE.  

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Dr. Fiorentino has exceeded the educational requirements of even the most demanding medical associations of which she belongs. And has pursued additional educational experience in such specializations as energy psychology, spiritual hypnosis, and DNA activation. She attends at least 2 in person conferences per year and several ongoing educational workshops throughout the year via Zoom.



PhD – Philosophy Doctorate (Aberdeen University, Scotland)
SHp – Science of Hypnopsychology Practitioner (Institute of the Science of Hypnopsychology®, California) 
CCHt – Certification as Hypnotherapist (Omni Institute, Florida)

NLPc – Certification - Neurolinguistic Practitioner (University of California - UCSC)

MpsyD – Metaphysics Psychology Doctorate (Sedona University, Arizona)
MscD – Metaphysics Science Doctorate (Sedona University, Arizona)
CI – Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer (National Guild of Hypnotists, Massachusetts)


(NGH) Board Certified National Guild of Hypnotists
(SHP) Science of Hypnopsycholog® (Institute & Trademark Owner)
(ACEP) Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology
(IMS) Institute of Metaphysical Sciences
(IACT) International Association of Counselors & Therapist
(IMDHA) International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association
(NDERF) Near Death Experience Research Foundation
(ACISTE) American Center for Integration of Spiritual Transformative Experiences

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