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Therapy Session

Who says learning isn't fun? Come to join us and see what the magic is all about 

Training and Workshops 

 Everyone is a Psychic.




I hold biweekly Tuesday evening classes four times a year in Carmel, California. The workshop is called Miracles and Magic. There are six sessions (six different Tuesdays from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM) and cover the following topics:

Past Live Regression to Ignite Your Psychic Abilities Part 1

  1. Past Live Regression to Ignite Your Psychic Abilities Part 2

  2. NLP to Ignite Your Psychic Abilities

  3. Open Your Psychic Abilities Through DNA Activation

  4. Astral Projection & Near-Death Experiences

  5. Self-Hypnosis Audio to Heighten Your Intuition

 “Hi Gabrielle, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and tell you what a graceful giver you are. The reason for writing this is that last weekend I attended one of such channeling classes and to my dismay, I was constantly comparing those classes with yours and the facilitator with you. For every question I asked, she told me that I could get the answer through a mini session with her. This just made me think of you that how generous you are with your time and are continuously encouraging us to develop our skills and our network. This shows how secure and how much grounded you are with your line of work. I have never heard you talk about yourself and you have always lime lighted other people's skills. It takes tremendous grace and confidence to invite a person from the same field to do a presentation in your own class. You have set such a high bar for the classes that it is going to be hard for me to accept just any other teacher. It is your giving nature that brings so much abundance in your life and it will most definitely continue to do so. Lots of love and Light. “

– Meena D., Salinas, California 



Discussion, Learning, Teaching, and Implementation toward our Psychic Selves

TIME: 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM


You must have some experience in the mystical and/or spiritual arts and be approved by Gabrielle Mancuso to join this group.


LIMITED TO 9 members at any given time so that we each have the responsibility to present and plan one meeting per year. Any subject pertaining to our core subject matter may be presented but every member must be willing to speak and/or invite a speaker for their evening. The months of August, November, and December are dark months. 


Personal invitations only. A maximum of 9 people in the group at any one time. THIS IS A PRIVATE GROUP. However people wishing to join us may if they are within the healing arts forum in some way. And have studied to some degree heightening their intuitive, psychic or spiritual senses. If we already have 9 members the new member candidate will go on a waiting list, once approved by the present active members. If an active member misses three consecutive meetings he or she will be asked to step out of the group.


To empower and awaken our senses and become stronger in our "knowings". In these discussions will continue to practice and develop our five primary channels

1) Clairvoyance
2) Clairaudience
3) Clairsentience
4) Clairalience
5) Clairgustance

We will exercise trusting our psychic gifts and abilities. The same abilities we came in with. We will ask the assistance of Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirit Guides, your own individual Higher Selves, Souls and/or other goodness "Beings". We will practice removing fear blocks to our potency that might have stood in the way of us becoming the magical beings we truly are. To assure each other that we no longer need to be afraid of our power and instead BE our power. An evening for us to wave our "magic wands" and manifest all of this in a casual environment. We will do such things as:

1) Aura Readings
2) Psychometry (bring an object)
3) Crystal or stone readings (bring your own favorite crystal)
4) Hands-on energy work.
5) Photo readings (bring a picture of a loved one)
6) Past life readings
7) Remote healings
8) Candle diagnostic readings
9) Real-life missing person cases
10) Vision templates (using ALL of your senses)

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