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beyond life therapy

In Person Readings & Life Coaching
In Person Reading   Click Here

A longer more intimate time within my office environment. A comfortable, spiritually energized cozy room in Carmel, California. The very best idea for bringing in the use of my clair audience, clairvoyance and clair cognitive gifts.

“Not only is Gabrielle exceptionally accurate with her work, but she presents the choices in a clear manner so you can make best decision. I can tell you that I have been highly energized at all the future possibilities that she has presented during our conversations. If I chose to follow a particular path that she suggested, it was highly accurate - sometimes in the most surprising way!” - Gloria V., Red Bluff, California

“I just want to thank you for the wonderful psychic reading I had with you this morning. Your office is so warm and you are such a loving person. I really enjoyed talking with you and feel the reading was exceptional! You hit right on when describing my wife and I'm excited to see how some of the other things we addressed work out. Thanks again!” – Charles D., Monterey, California

“Thank you so much, Gabrielle. I feel like I'm in love but not with a guy this time, with me and my life and that is all thanks to you. You are sent from above.”- Janka G., Pacific Grove, CA

Phone Readings
Phone Reading     Click Here









Relax within your own environment while enjoying a conversation with Gabrielle about your most intimate questions and desires.

“Dr. Mancuso you understood me right away. You made me see that my life could have the direction I’ve always wanted. It’s been three months now and I’m happier at my job than I ever thought I could be. I think I’m finally being recognized and appreciated. Just as you’d said I have met a man, Daniel, he is just terrific. And guy is giving me the hope for the future you and I talked about. I look forward to another call with you soon, you didn’t just give me information, you gave me tools to help me become a better me and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Shante A., Carlsbad, California

“Thank you, Gabrielle, you were right on point. Things you said would happen actually have! I felt stupid calling you the first time. And I apologize because looking back at our conversation, I think I was even borderline rude to you. I thought I was an idiot to be even trying this. But you were gracious and kind and I want to recommend you to other friends. I am so impressed now. Once again, I am deeply grateful to you.” – Charles P., Carmel Valley, California

beyond life therapy

Zoom Readings
Zoom Reading   Click Here









 The assurance of seeing each other over our computers or smart phones at your own convenient time is one of the most productive sessions you could have.

“I have never known anyone who could do psychic readings through SKYPE the way you do Gabrielle. It felt like I was in the room with you. I’ve tried a few psychics over my life, but you always hit the mark for me. I love working with you. Thank you, you’ve been such a great help.” - Pat L., Carmel, California

“I don’t know what to say but, WOW, WOW, WOW! Amazing, right about my life and beautiful too” - Wendy V., Santa Cruz, California



• Dr. Mancuso will not read another person for you, predict deaths, or read violent death experiences.

• She does not answer questions about lottery numbers, gambling, sex or medical matters and don't give financial advice

Ask specific questions. This helps her give you a better psychic reading.

• Dr. Mancuso will tell her clients what she sees, not what you may want to hear.

• Privacy: Your psychic consult is private, for your information only. And our office will never share your personal information with anyone.

• Refunds: Dr. Mancuso does not give refunds, she stands behind every reading she gives 100%.

beyond life therapy

Email Readings
Email Consult    Click Here


Email readings are fun and affordable. Email requests are returned within 24 to 48 hours. Having the ability to handle any situation with ease has nothing to do with luck! It’s the confidence & understanding that comes from an intuitive email reading. Quite simply, knowledge is power. Email your name, date of birth, your questions on love, relationships, career, travel, your destiny & anything else you wish to know.


"I am thoroughly impressed by your e-mail psychic readings... Your psychic readings give me wonderful advice that I am able to use practically” - Art W., Los Angeles, Ca

“Gabrielle, you help me every time I email. I never ever thought this was possible in email. Since we don’t live nearby, and I work nights and sleep days, I never thought I’d be able to follow through on Dolores’ recommendation. I’m so glad I’ve started doing these emails with you. You continue to hit every topic absolutely perfectly to fold into my life. I am so much happier now thanks to you. You are my personal blessing!” - Vivian W., Portland Oregon

"In my recent email reading with you I asked for some details that would help me verify that my sister, Julie was really trying to contact me - I found what you gave me quite remarkable." - Peter B., Big Sur, California

beyond life therapy

“My experience with you made me feel that I can be a stronger person and mother and not to be afraid.  Thank you Gabrielle”  


–Josephine (Seaside, Ca)

NLP University International
Int'l Assoc Medical Dental
International Association of Counslors
National Guild Hypnoists

"Have some great feedback for you and have recommended two people to come and see you. I feel more able to define what I want and I've been able to choose the better of the two driving instructors so am learning much more about driving and am more confident. I've also been more organized at getting paperwork done and bills paid. I don't feel at this moment in time that I need a second appointment" 

–Josephine (Seaside, Ca)

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