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Esoteric healing is founded on the principle, as given to us by Einstein, that ‘everything is energy’, and as expanded upon by Carl Jung, that ‘everything is because of energy’.
My Approach

"I offer my clients a whole new experience of Neurolinguistics.  I believe when your work is complete, each client/patient feels uplifted, illuminated and inspired.  With direction and perhaps for the some the first time, a more inspired goal  for their future happiness and well being.  I am of the opinion that like most psychologists and psychiatrists most non-trauma issues are due to a painful emotional event or events in ones history.  Either created by themselves or others in their past (this current life past or other past/parallel lives).  Therefore with my guided help each client begins to address and rid themselves of these painful memories allowing control over her/his own healing or fate."

About Me

Gabrielle has exceeded the educational requirements of even the most demanding medical associations. She has pursued additional education and experience in such specializations as energy psychology & spiritual hypnosis and has attended at least 3 conferences per year since 2004. She is a member of, Board affiliated, and/or certified by, the organizations listed below. Being a part of such associations requires a high level of education and experience and a firm resolve to receive the best in educational opportunities through individual research and mandatory continuing education.

Therapy Sessions

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Sometimes just reaching out begins to take the worry away. No matter where you are in life, please know you have someone here for you. Let's talk, we can work together to figure things out. 


If you are truly suffering and thinking of hurting yourself,

please call 911 or 1-800-273-8255

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