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The beginning ..........

As a young child, my  seemed to be exciting and fun. Seeing talking to and playing with fairies, angels and spirits was enchanting. Yet traditional Italian Catholic parents continued to explain to me I was fantasying and to stop thinking about that. Later had no practical use for this.  And when I shared with anyone, friends or cousins, I was laughed at.  So of course I pushed it in the closet. I retreated into normal life as defined by my graduate degrees, careers, marriage, children, and overall good citizenship. I worked hard, 8-8, voted, recycled and volunteered.  Life on auto pilot was going on. 


Each of us on earth has a gift or purpose. Sometimes the creator gives us a wake-up call. Maybe you have experienced one in your life. My wake-up call came as a near death experience (NDE) when I was 26.

My NDE happened during a horrible ski accident when I full on slammed into a tree.  I was going full speed in a downhill race in Bear Valley Califonria. I was just "barreling" and although I saw a huge tree in front of me, somehow I could not stop or even slow down.   Everything went into slow motion. I felt like at THAT point I came right out of my body.  I felt my physical body slam into the tree at full force. Yet there was not pain. The next few minutes I was standing outside my body, watching physical self, unconscious lying mangled in the snow. People all around me were hollering and skiing down to my body as I just watched them hover over me. There was one women who as screaming and crying, so I went to her. I remember I couldn't hold her, even though I tried. I felt warm and happy, yet I was witness a scene of utter chaos and terror. Luckily since it was an official race there EMT's and ski patrol immediately at my body but I wasn't there.  I felt warm, and bright but just as I felt that I saw my grandmother (who had passed) pushing me....... "Gabrielle, go back". It wasn't like I heard her voice, it was a knowing. I recall not wanting to "go back", so instead I looked into the light.  All I remember is a magnificence that is completely impossible to explain. It changed me forever.  All questions in that second were answered, all "knowing" was known. The brilliance, the glorification........... Then it was over.  I was filled with love. To this day I don't remember going back into my body, or why I did, or more of that day. I was told I was "dead" for 25 minutes and then just started breathing again in the ambulance.  Two days later I awoke in the hospital.  My body, broken in so many places that the doctors didn't even know how long it would take to heal from  my injuries. They said they couldn't believe I'd survived.


Gabrielle Mancuso holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy and is NOTa Medical Doctor (MD), nor does she hold a California State License in either psychology or social services. She does not diagnose illness, disease, or any other physical or mental disorder. As such, she does not prescribe medical treatment or medication(s) and does not perform physical manipulation. Hypnosis, NLP, EFT,  Intuitive Readings, and/or Life Coaching are not substitutes for medical examination or diagnosis or treatment.  Medical Physicians are affiliated with Gabrielle Mancuso in that she works as the coordinator for the Integrative Physicians group in Carmel California.  Within this membership are exceptional doctors who she is happy to refer you to if necessary or desired.

“My experience with you made me feel that I can be a stronger person and mother and not to be afraid.  Thank you Gabrielle”  

–Josephine (Seaside, Ca)

NLP University International
Int'l Assoc Medical Dental
International Association of Counslors
National Guild Hypnoists

"Have some great feedback for you and have recommended two people to come and see you. I feel more able to define what I want and I've been able to choose the better of the two driving instructors so am learning much more about driving and am more confident. I've also been more organized at getting paperwork done and bills paid. I don't feel at this moment in time that I need a second appointment" 

–Josephine (Seaside, Ca)

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